Strengthening Laboratory Management Towards Accreditation


We establish a process by which laboratories can achieve accreditation at international standards, which is  invaluable for countries to improve the quality of laboratory services.

Quality Assurance


We strengthen the capacity of diagnostic laboratories and testing sites through trainings, periodic supervision, and implementation of corrective actions, thereby ensuring quality laboratory test results.

Basic Laboratory Information System


We offers basic solutions to laboratory information systems as an essential complement to to track each step in the testing process, from the reception of samples to the issuing of test results, thus catalyzing timely decision-making and action around diagnosis, treatment and care.

Equipment Maintenance and Calibration


We put in place a system that manages risks associated with the acquisition, operation, maintenance and use of medical laboratory equipment as a way to mitigate the far reaching consequences of poorly managed equipment on patient care. 

Operational Research

We invest in operational research and the promotion of a principle of inquiry  needed for a more efficient health care; we develop capacity in resource-limited settings to conduct operational research which is critical to infectious-disease control programmes

Health Work Force Capacity Building

We design, develop and deliver training built around current and anticipated organizational demands. We use multi-step learning process that involves trainees at every phase:  from pre-training assessment and assistance, through training delivery (onsite or computer based), and into post-training reinforcement and technical assistance.

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