Success Stories

Mentorship Drastically Reduces Viral Load Sample Rejection at the Regional Hospital Annex Kousseri, Far North Region of Cameroon

In February 2022, GHSS assigned a mentor to work with the Regional Hospital Annex Kousseri in the Far North Region of Cameroon to guide and follow up on the implementation of laboratory Quality Assurance with continuous onsite training. This action aimed to improve the quality of laboratory services and patient care. During one of the mentorship sessions on viral load sample management in February 2022, the mentor identified a high rejection of viral load samples from the reference laboratory at Pette.  GHSS conducted a root cause analysis, and carried out some interventions onsite that drastically reduced viral sample rejection. 


SLMTA, Resolving VL Backlog and Boosting Viral Load Testing Amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic: The Case of the Laquintinie Virology Laboratory, Douala – Cameroon

The Laquintinie virology lab is the only viral load reference lab in the littoral region Cameroon and receives over 4000 viral load samples monthly. With a history of long Turnaround Time TAT (2 to 4 months) which is 4 to 8 times longer than that required nationally, this did not only leave the laboratory clients dissatisfied but also jeopardized the clinical relevance of the results. With the Covid-19 pandemic in Cameroon, this situation was envisaged to get worse. Global Health Systems Solutions carried out a root cause analysis to find lasting solutions. The lab staff together with the GHSS Mentor leveraged on SLMTA implementation to resolve VL sample backlog and testing issues at Laquintinie virology laboratory.