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1.1 Subject of the Present Call for Supply

The Executive Director (ED) of GHSS, announces an open national call for the supply of MEDICAL INCINERATOR to Global Health Systems Solutions in DRC.

1.2.    Prospective Candidates

The present call is open to companies duly recognized by DRC law.

1.3.    Composition of Files

Prospective suppliers can visit GHSS’ Head Office at Quantum Building, Boulevard Du 30 Juin No. 8177, Gombe – Kinshasa DRC or Call our office, to obtain more information about the supplies.

1.4   Description of supplies

1) Model MP- 200

 Medical Incinerator (Manufacturer: Addfield Environmental Systems Limited)

2) Model: i8-M200

Medical Incinerator (Manufacturer: INCINER8)

3) Model: BRENER

Medical incinerator (Manufacturer: Eco Systems LLC)

4. 5 Receivable offers

Suppliers should submit Quotations of the said product to the following email addresses or visit our office at Kinshasa. The latest date for the submission of quotation is the 22nd July  2020


Global Health Systems Solutions (GHSS)

Quantum Building,

 Boulevard Du 30 Juin No. 8177,

 Gombe – Kinshasa – DRC

Tell: +243850563191

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